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Bringing together worship leaders & innovators to help you become an expert at using technology in worship.

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Every worship leader can become an innovator.

Do you struggle with implementing new technology in your worship service? Our goal is to help you better plan for your weekend service each week so you can create new ways for people to connect with God.

Learn from the top innovators of worship resources.

You’ll learn from the experts in worship innovation and connect with other like-minded worship leaders.

If you attend this conference, you will become better at:

– Preparing for your worship services
– Using tracks and click in worship
– Reaching people in new ways with technology
– Planning for the unexpected


A worship conference featuring

What To Expect

Our goal is that you leave feeling like you learned practical strategies for taking your worship leading to the next level, as well as connected to other like-minded worship leaders.

Main Sessions
– Worship (Led by Worship Innovators)
– Innovator Talks
– Panel and Interview discussions

Focus Sessions (Virtual Workshops)
– Choose a specific topic of interest to go deeper in
– Learn from and hang with the innovators of your choice in breakout rooms.
– Build community with other like-minded worship leaders

Taught by worship resource innovators

Meet your conference guides

Aaron Stewart

Aaron Stewart

Planning Center - Co-Founder

Rochelle Burlock

Rochelle Burlock

Women That Worship - Founder

Jason Houtsma

Jason Houtsma

Worship Artistry - Founder

Daniel Stevenson

Daniel Stevenson

@WorshipFails - Founder

Brian Wahl

Brian Wahl

Worship Tutorials - Founder

Matt McCoy

Matt McCoy

Loop Community - Founder

John Mike

John Mike

Loop Gospel - Director

Nate Scott

Nate Scott

CCLI & SongSelect

Hear from the leaders in worship innovation.
Ryan Dahl

Ryan Dahl

PraiseCharts - Founder

Jenni Mcgrew

Jenni Mcgrew

Worship Leaders Collective - Founder

Jason Kichline

Jason Kichline

OnSong - Founder

David Pfaltzgraff

David Pfaltzgraff

Sunday Sounds - Founder

Adam Meyer

Adam Meyer

Worship Extreme - Director of Product

Hang with and learn from innovators in focus groups


Monday – October 4

9:00 AM – Welcome
9:10 AM – Main Session 1
10:00 AM – Focus Sessions
11:00 AM – Focus Sessions
11:50 AM – Main Session 2
12:30 PM – Lunch
1:00 PM – Main Session 3
2:00 PM – Focus Sessions
2:50 PM – Focus Sessions
3:45 PM – Main Session 4
4:30 PM – Conference Ends
(All times are in CDT) 


10 AM Focus Sessions
– Simplify Your Worship Planning with Planning Center
– Live Streaming Your Worship Services
– Tracks Made Easy
– Electric Guitar Tone & Technique for Modern Worship
– Building a Healthy Team Culture
– Preparing Your Band with Sheet Music & Chord Charts
– Lessons from Behind the Mixer


2 PM Focus Sessions
– Simplify Your Worship Planning with Planning Center
– How to Play Modern Worship Keys
– Live Streaming Your Worship Services
– Building a Healthy Team Culture
– Ableton Live for Beginners
– Preparing your Band with Sheet Music & Chord Charts
– Lighting Techniques for Worship


11 AM Focus Sessions
How to Lead a Stress-Free Rehearsal
– Getting Started with In-Ear Monitors
– Getting Your Lyric Slides Right
– Developing Sets that Engage Your Congregation
– Being More Organized as a Worship Leader
– How to Legally Lead Worship
– Women That Worship
– Producing Your Own Music Tracks

2:50 PM Focus Sessions
– “Why Does It Sound So Bad?” Top Reasons for Bad Church Sound
– Writing and Editing Your Own Chord Charts
– How to Play Modern Worship Keys
– Developing Sets that Engage Your Congregation
– Being More Organized as a Worship Leader
– How to Legally Lead Worship
– Improving Your Live Stream


Practical Talks & Focus Sessions

People vs. Planning
Worship technology is important and can improve the sound of your worship. But it’s important to not put that in front of the people on your team. Your people are your most valuable asset and we want to make sure we are leading them well. Learn how to balance planning for your worship services and caring for the people on your team. 

Simplify your worship planning with Planning Center
You may already use Planning Center to coordinate your weekend services. But are you using it as effectively as you could? Learn tips and tricks to simplify your worship planning and help your team be prepared for Sunday. 

Aaron Stewart

Planning Center

Developing Sets that Engage Your Congregation
Just about any musician can pick a handful of songs for a worship setlist, but there is an art to developing a worship set that intentionally engages your congregation and encourages the flow of worship. Learn how to make a worship setlist that is meaningful, thoughtful and creative.

Jason Houtsma

Worship Artistry

Being Organized as a Worship Leader
Learn the power of the OnSong app – a way to keep all of your music and charts organized. 

Jason Kichline


The Spark of Innovation
Why are we sometimes afraid of innovation? Why do we hold back? Innovation is what moves the world forward. Everyone can be an innovator by understanding the fundamental drivers behind innovation.
Tracks Made Easy
Do you want to start using multitracks in worship? Using multitracks is a great way to fill out the sound of your band and replace missing musicians. It can seem complicated when you first get started, but in this session you will learn the easiest way to use tracks in worship.
Ableton Live for Beginners
Learn the basics of how to use Ableton Live in worship to run multitracks. 
Matt McCoy

Loop Community

Electric Guitar Tone & Technique for Modern Worship
Learn everything you need to know about electric guitar tone and techniques for today’s modern worship sound
How to lead an effective and stress-free rehearsal
Rehearsals and soundcheck can be stressful and overwhelming, but they don’t need to be. Learn practicals tips and a framework that will make your next soundcheck or rehearsal go smoothly. 
Brian Wahl

Worship Tutorials

Lessons from Behind the Mixer
Jeff Barnett presents seven insights from his journey as an audio engineer that took him far too long to learn. Get a jump on your journey with this mix of practical tech tips and relational wisdom he wished someone told him early on.
Improving Your Live Stream
You may have recently scrambled to get geared up for live streaming. Now that you have a basic foundation, Kent Morris and Jeff Barnett present techniques to take your live stream to the next level, not just technically but how to better understand and engage your viewers.
Lighting Techniques for Worship
Lighting 101 – The basics of lighting for the non-lighting expert. If you’ve ever had lighting responsibility unwittingly thrust upon you, this session is for you! We’ll cover various types of stage lights, what they do, and how they are controlled.
Andrew Scriven, Jeff Barnett, Kent Morris


Women That Worship
Women that worship (WTW) is a community designed for female worship leaders, songwriters, artists, and church leaders in ministry. Our mission is to see women living out a lifestyle of worship, rooted and grounded in the word of God, that radiates the love of Jesus Christ wherever we go. We are here to support, encourage, equip, and inspire female leaders in the local church. This session will include such topics as; Embracing the Call to Lead, Identity vs. Image, and What’s Your Sphere of Influence? Join Rochelle as she walks you through her personal journey of worship leading and shares the many lessons she has learned along the way. 
Rochelle Burlock

Women That Worship

Preparing Your Band with Sheet Music and Chord Charts
We all want our band to be on the same page and feel prepared. Learn the best tips on how to provide your band with the tools they need so they show up ready to worship. 
Ryan Dahl


How To Play Modern Worship Keys

There’s never been a more exciting and challenging time to be in the keys position on stage but as worship leaders we understand that there’s a big difference between ‘playing piano’ and ‘playing worship keys’. Figuring out how to articulate that difference and transition your volunteers from playing to piano to playing worship keys doesn’t have to be complicated or controversial.

David Pfaltzgraff

Sunday Sounds

Building a Healthy Team Culture
It’s hard building a team that is all in and shares the same vision as you do. Learn how to pastor your worship team and build a culture that lasts. 
Jenni Mcgrew

Worship Leaders Collective

Producing Your Own Music Tracks
If you want to start producing your own tracks for worship, Director of Loop Gospel John Mike will show how to creatively produce tracks to fill out the sound of your worship team. 
John Mike

Loop Gospel

Worship Teams & Tech Teams: One Team
Lets discuss the things that draw us closer so that together we’re all working towards the same goal. There’s a lot to unpack here but they are things that will definitely make us better at communicating to achieve a great service.
Getting Started with In-Ear Monitors
There are so many advantages to in-ears, not only for the musicians but congregation as well. We’ll talk about types (universal or custom), devices to hear your mix, how to make changes to your mix, wireless, headphone amps, monitor mix apps, stereo vs. mono, effects, and more!
Why does it sound so bad? Top Reasons for bad church sound.
No matter what you do, does it seem like you will never grasp the concepts and techniques necessary to provide the best mix for your church? Let’s look at some reasons why that may be the case and what are some common-sense approaches to get you closer to where you want to be.
Doug Gould


How to Legally Lead Worship
CCLI Licenses, Streaming Licenses, Reporting – what does it all mean? Learn how to make sure that your church is legally covered. 
Nate Scott

CCLI & SongSelect

Getting Your Lyric Slides Right
Discover the power of Music Stand and Presenter working together. Save time by creating your worship sets in one place for musicians and tech. 
Writing and Editing Your Own Chord Charts
Learn how to create and edit worship charts with ChordPro, and how to easily share and transpose them.
Adam Meyer

Worship Extreme

Panel Discussions with Worship Innovators

The Obstacles of Innovation
If you’re a worship leader that wants to start innovating either in your role or in other ways, there are many hurdles that you will have to overcome. Get tips from the top worship innovators on how to be successful as an innovator. 
What To Do When Things Go Wrong
When you are leading worship with technology, things will inevitably go wrong at some point! In this panel, the worship innovators will help you learn how to handle these situations, how to help them not distract from the worship service, and how to learn from them. 
Leading Worship on a Budget
Whether you are at a large or small church, you most likely have a budget for leading worship. Learn how to utilize your team’s budget, no matter how much it is, to add the technology that is the most effective for your church. 
Eyes Off the Page and Heart Into the Song
Chord Charts are a great resource from your worship team. But how do you make sure that your team is able to use them while authentically leading worship? In this panel, some of the top innovators of worship chord charts will give tips for how to use charts while still focusing on leading worship. 


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